Why Backlink Audit is Important

Gain Detailed Insights into The Backlink Infrastructure

Backlinks are the backbone of the SEO strategy, and earning backlinks are the most effective method of improving the search engine rankings. American Marketing Experts has a team of experts who conduct backlink audits that enables clients to manage the backlinks without getting hit with penalties.
  • Drawing backlinks from different sources such as Ahrefs, Moz, etc.
  • Analyzing the backlinks on the basis of type, authority, IP, and other factors.
  • Manual monitoring of the backlinks and the relevance
  • Manually checking the backlinks and their relevance

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Backlink Recognition

At American Marketing Experts, we will automatically identify all the links from the reliable backlink checking portals. This ensures that all the links that are made for your website are taken into consideration and are safe to stay.

Content Optimization

We are an eCommerce SEO company that optimizes every corner of your eCommerce store for search queries that fetches you the most relevant, ready-to-convert traffic.

Unnatural Link Database

We manually check each of the links against an extensive list of unnatural domains that are marked as unnatural by Google. It is our duty to help clients eliminate unnatural, harmful, and spammy links that can lead to penalties.

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Our SEO Services

What's Included in Our SEO Services

At American Marketing Experts, we offer all-inclusive SEO packages to deliver the best organic results to businesses. Our SEO solutions help websites rank higher, garner traffic, and generate leads.

On-Page SEO

Our on-page SEO services are lined up with search engines' ideal practices to boost your website's online presence.

Off-Page SEO

We leverage link-building to establish brand credibility and garner more online exposure for your business through off-page SEO.

Link Building

The dedicated link-building team at Search Marketing Experts creates quality backlinks on relevant & high-authority websites.

Keyword Analysis

After understanding your business niche, our keyword research team will find specific search terms for ranking your site.

Technical SEO

The website's back-end impacts the search rankings significantly. By fixing the website issues, we ensure that your site ranks higher.

Monthly Reporting

Stay completely in the loop with a detailed monthly reporting that displays everything we've done and the strategy's progress.
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Achieve Tangible Search Engine Results!

Attracting quality traffic to your site relies on the ranking of the website, and the ranking of the website depends greatly on the backlinks. We are here to ensure that your backlink profile stays spam-free.

  • Deep Backlink
  • Penalty Prevention
    & Cleanup
  • Removal of
    Spammy Links
  • Backlink Recognition &

Deep Backlink Analysis

American Marketing Experts offers a full forte of backlink analysis and removal services which helps in improving the website's ranking and avoiding penalties. Backlink cleanup is a necessity as it impacts SEO significantly. Our experts dig deeper into the site's backlinks to identify harmful and suspicious links.

  • Identification of Spammy Links
  • Finding irrelevant & low-quality links
  • Use of automated tools as well as manual human analysis

Penalty Prevention & Cleanup

Black hat link building, negative SEO attacks, and many other factors negatively affect the website's reputation and search engine performance. All this can lead to the website getting struck with a penalty. Even if your website was penalized, our SEO audit service will identify the negative SEO and remove all the elements that lead to the penalty.

  • Review of the entire link profile
  • Cleanup Service for the removal of bad backlinks
  • Creation of disavows file with toxic links and submission to Google.

Removal of Spammy Links

Spammy links hurt the website's search rankings. Our team of backlink audit experts identifies and removes the shady, spammy, toxic, and unnatural links that affect the website's rankings on the search results. Each member of our team is well-versed with the latest search engine algorithms and goes above and beyond to determine the link quality.

  • A comprehensive audit of Backlink profile
  • Manual review & cross-checking
  • Request for Penalty removal

Backlink Recognition & Accumulation

We provide the most in-depth data from sources like Moz, Ahrefs, Webmaster Tools, Majestic SEO, and more. We pull data from thousands of sources to get the most accurate report of your backlink profile. After that, each backlink is reviewed manually, and suspicious-looking links are reviewed and removed.

  • Improve the Page Ranking
  • Human-level backlink analysis
  • User-friendly link audit reports

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We don’t just check the backlink profile automatically, but we also perform a manual
analysis to determine the backlink quality. Contact us now to start the process!

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User-Friendly Link Audit Report

We make simple and easy-to-understand backlink audit reports to ensure that the clients understand what links are detrimental to the website’s health and search engine rankings. 70% of the SEO game relies upon backlinks. Hence, when done right, it can make your brand glisten, and when done wrong, it can have an adverse effect on your website.



Your success is our motivation. As a leading digital marketing company, we are committed to delivering solid results in the form of digital growth. Our multi-channel approach has helped 2500 brands and sellers expand their businesses in new directions.

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The more reliable and credible your backlinks are, the easier it is for search engine crawlers to rank your site higher on the SERPs. The quantity, as well as the quality of the backlinks, is a crucial indicator of your site’s ranking on the search results. Hence, we provide a backlink audit report that helps you identify the quality backlinks and the harmful ones. Contact us now or fill the form to get started.