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Keywords are the backbone of the SEO strategy. At American Marketing Experts, our team makes sure that you are visible on Google for targeted keywords that not only generate traffic but generates quality traffic that leads to conversions. Here's how we choose the best performing keywords for your website:
  • Keyword Funneling
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Performance Monitoring

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Mimics Google Search

We always use an innovative and unique approach to SEO, which includes the thematic approach of keyword selection. We do not just pick random keywords, but we choose keyword themes, just as Google search bots do!

Purchase Intent Searches

The keywords we find in each thematic keyword group are chosen based on the buying intent. We don’t select keywords just because of their existence in the thematic keyword group, but we choose keywords that drive organic leads.

Highest Value Keywords

While choosing keywords to focus on in a particular thematic group, American Marketing Experts choose keywords that will produce the biggest impact in the qualified organic traffic generation. It involves both search volume and competition.

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Our SEO Services

What's Included in Our SEO Services

At American Marketing Experts, we offer all-inclusive SEO packages to deliver the best organic results to businesses. Our SEO solutions help websites rank higher, garner traffic, and generate leads.

On-Page SEO

Our on-page SEO services are lined up with search engines' ideal practices to boost your website's online presence.

Off-Page SEO

We leverage link-building to establish brand credibility and garner more online exposure for your business through off-page SEO.

Link Building

The dedicated link-building team at Search Marketing Experts creates quality backlinks on relevant & high-authority websites.

Keyword Analysis

After understanding your business niche, our keyword research team will find specific search terms for ranking your site.

Technical SEO

The website's back-end impacts the search rankings significantly. By fixing the website issues, we ensure that your site ranks higher.

Monthly Reporting

Stay completely in the loop with a detailed monthly reporting that displays everything we've done and the strategy's progress.
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American Marketing Experts has a team of experts that work one-on-one with each customer to find keywords that can drive the best results for their business.

  • Finding Out the
    Right Keywordst
  • Refining the
    Keyword Phrases
  • Ranking For

Finding Out the Right Keywords

We conduct keyword research that strives to connect you to traffic that is more likely to convert. The first step in keyword research is identifying your niche. The niche is the key topic of the website or the page. Our keyword researchers ensure to find niche-specific keywords that go along with the products/services offered.

  • Generation of quality traffic
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Niche-specific keywords

Refining the Keyword Phrases

Once the rough list of keywords is ready, it is then time to discover what search terms people are actually using the most. For this purpose, we use the best keyword research tools such as Google Ads. Using this tool, we get insights into how many people are looking for a particular term. Moreover, search phrases from Google are also discovered by searching for terms and looking for related phrases.

  • Evaluate successful competitor keywords
  • High-performing keywords
  • Long-Tail Keywords with lesser competition
  • Identification of Longer Search Phrases

Ranking For Keywords

Once the keyword research is completed, our outclass SEO tricks come into play that brings every single web page to the search engine's attention. The keywords are then chosen and used for on-page SEO and for backlink building. The amount of effort and work required to rank the page depends on the efficacy and the attractiveness of the keywords.

  • Keywords that are easier to rank
  • Top placement on the SERPs
  • Analyze the performance of the keywords

Stay Above the Competition!

Our keyword research tactics help businesses stay ahead of the competitors with
the right keyword research that increases traffic to the site that is likely to convert
into paying customers. Contact us now to get started.

Industries We've Worked With


Our digital marketing services for real-estate businesses have helped countless buyers and sellers connect with each other.

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Our online marketing has availed doctors and healthcare professionals the opportunity to display their expertise to the online target audience.

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Travel & Hospitality

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Reach the Right Audience

Identifying the right keywords to target is the core of SEO strategy’s effectiveness. Keywords are the meeting point between the website and the searcher’s query. So, before you start your efforts to bring more traffic to the site and improve the search rankings, knowing the right keywords is important for you to target the right audience. Using cutting-edge keyword research tools, we can help you find out high-value keywords.



Your success is our motivation. As a leading digital marketing company, we are committed to delivering solid results in the form of digital growth. Our multi-channel approach has helped 2500 brands and sellers expand their businesses in new directions.

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To bring clients to your site, your website needs to show up on the search results. We can get your business website seen by your target audience through strategic keyword selection. Contact us now to get started.